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Today I would like to say something more about the foreign exchange market, forex my own strategy as well as my experiences in the forex market as Business.

Whenever we talk of Forex as a market, we should mention us ourselves as managers or traders, to get operate positively in foreign exchange, a good forex strategy would spend a couple of hours per day in order to analyze the functioning of market, read the main financial news, be informed of major world events for the world of finance, etc ...

technical analysis

It will also require some technical analysis as reading graphs, use some technical method to predict market trends and different currencies. This means that whenever we speak of forex strategy, seen as a market or as occupation, must spend some time, which we need to learn, thus putting to do well.

But if instead we see the currency exchange as business or investment and allow to deal with a third party efforts, the issue would be very different.

Surely he knows strategies, and understand why I mention this, but people who are now new to the world of forex surely wonder why? What I want to learn ?, it is easier to cede my money to others to manage my trades me in exchange for a commission, or can I also give my money to companies that pay me a return on my money, no more.

But the reality in the latter case reviewed is very different, is not as great as it seems and this comment from experience. If we really think about having a manager for our Forex account we must take into account certain factors when entrusting our own money to manage us trading operations or investments.


Personally for correctly choosing a forex company that is reliable, I recommend you take into account the strategy for forex I explain below:

1-. Forex firms to show results, it is important that a company can we show actual results of our personal account, we think that a good forex company offers a service manager and therefore must devote 100% of their time to this management work, because as it is professional, living in this profession, if not an amateur would not we give our money to a fan for our own good. These results we will have to observe in a real money account, because with demo accounts can always do more crazy movements, not being jugándonos our own money.

2-. Have good references, this would be another important factor, possessing real and multiple references, the forex holds a particular company name, phone number, actual address, etc ... Since the emails could create any.

3-. Possessing a prize or title is very important in this case that the company or broker holds a title or award, a BA in Economics, Financial Analysis, Graduate foreign trade, brokers and award granted magazines or companies most important in the forex market. This really helped to rely more on the company in question, although it can occur with new companies, while not possess this kind of titles or prizes and make your forex managers work well, but always go more for sure if these have some prize or title that accredit.

4-. We will make sure that the forex company we want to reverse this regulated and registered as a company authorized to carry out the work of company transactions in the Forex Market.

So far he has come some of my personal experience and strategy before making the leap to the fascinating world of foreign exchange or forex investments, in this article we'll let a number of forex companies with which I operate and are 100% reliable, I hope they get their first performance operations or investments.

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